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童老师英语写作室 & SSAT 专业辅导

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· 童老师毕业于新加坡南洋理工大学国立教育学院,英语语言教学研究生。二十来年潜心于英语教学和研究,形成一套独到的教学系统。培养的学生均以95%以上高分考入多大附中(UTS),UCC, Cresent  School, Branksome Hall, Havergal等著名私校。
独到的写作训练系统培养学生选词的意识,教会不同文体的风格与技巧,同时逐渐发展欣赏评判能力(critical thinking),全方位提高英语语言水平,为学生进入高年级后的写作打下坚实的基础。
· 童老师英语写作室招收4~10年级学生。
.      全英文授课。
心理语言学家Eric Lenneberg认为,人的一些能力是自然获得的,如走路,说话,而写作技能一定要通过训练得到。就象弹琴,画画一样,我们一定要有老师的指导训练才能学会怎样弹琴,画画。不少家长认为只要通过大量阅读,写作水平就会自然提高。其实不然。虽然阅读对写作有一定的帮助,但阅读只是接受能力(Receptive ability),而写作需要产出的能力(Productive ability)。它是一种综合的能力。写作技能一定要通过系统有效的指导和练习才能获得。学生需要学会不同文体的标准与要求,词汇的选择,句子的组成,篇章结构,语气以及分析常见语病等知识,同时他们还需要阅读大量的范文,在老师的指导下反复练习,渐渐地由蹒跚学步,独立行走,到充满自信地飞奔向前。
· 选词意识:写作对词汇的要求非常高,正确的词汇选择能使表达更生动形象。学生将学会区分口头词汇与书面词汇,辨别同义词之间微妙的含义区别。学生在训练后会写出:He was indignant when he heard their unfair decision. 而不是:He was angry about their unfair decision.
· 组织句子和语篇结构能力:如何将简单句组合成复合句,句式多样化,学会句子网络与段落构成技巧。
· 各种文体的风格和写作技能:包括descriptive and narrative writing, book reviews, summary, expository and persuasive writing.
以下是  Tony An  的获奖作品 A Pair of Socks.  Tony An  2011年2月参加童老师英语写作室. 其作品由他的在校老师推鉴. Turning Points Essay Contest 已有15年的历史. Tony 的 A Pair of Socks 在几千个参赛作品中以流畅的文笔,生动形象的用词获第三名.您也可进入www.thelearningpartnership.ca 了解更多的情况.
Greater Toronto Area, Ontario
Tony An
Third Place – Grade 6 (English)
Toronto District School Board
A Pair of Socks
It’s December. Festive lights are everywhere, and small snowflakes dance in the frigid air. People rush by with bags full of gifts, and a group of workers heave a large Christmas tree into place. Malls are full of shoppers, trying to purchase everything on their mile-long lists, and Christmas carols blast from speakers overhead. The only place lacking in Christmas spirit is the homeless shelter – a drab brick building everyone is too busy to notice.
I dropped by the shelter one day with my mom to donate food. As we unloaded our cans onto the counter, something on the wall caught my eye – small sheets of paper with Christmas wish lists scrawled on them by the shelter’s residents. I expected them to include things like flat screen TVs and other elaborate items, but upon closer inspection, I saw they consisted of simple gifts; the ones we ignore and push aside, like a new sweater or pair of socks. I was astounded – surely those with nothing would hope for something a little more grandiose, maybe?
My mom finished dumping out all the canned food and I followed her outside, getting hit by a blast of bitterly cold wind. As I walked, I heard children begging their parents for the newest trends, and I remembered what humble gifts the homeless wanted. Most of us would be furious if all we received for Christmas was a pair of socks, and yet those living at the homeless shelter wanted nothing more. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.
On Christmas day, I felt a sudden urge to return to the shelter. When I arrived, everyone was looking through their donated presents. I saw one man, with a shaggy beard and squinty eyes, pay no attention to the new Smartphone on the table and instead open a newly knitted sweater with exuberance, his eyes shining with happiness.
For the rest of the holiday season, the same thought kept running through my head; happiness isn’t found in extravagant presents, and that for those less fortunate, what may seem to be the smallest gift can make the biggest difference.

Tony is a 12-year-old boy living in Toronto, Ontario, where he attends a gifted program. Born a natural martial artist, he’s had over 4 years combined of experience in Okinawan Karate and Shaolin Kung Fu, and plans to go for his second degree black belt in November. He is also a writer, a sketch artist, and a mathematician. Tony credits his success to the two years he’s spent in a writing class toiling in a world of subordinators, conjunctions, and 6-syllable words, not to mention his supportive family as always.

Turning Points – 2013 Award Winning Essays | 165
SSAT & UTS(多大附中)入学考试专业辅导
· 辅导的第一名学生在短短6个月内以99%高分考入UTS。获得入学奖学金
· 学生Johathan来加拿大刚两年,其英语水平仅相当于小学3-4年级,经7个月辅导,SSAT考分竟达98% 效果惊人!
· 针对每个学生的特点和需要,量身定做训练计划。
· 启发引导,培养学生的思维与逻辑推理能力。
· 传授高效的学习和应试技巧,教会学生制定学习计划,学会有效时间管理,事半功倍。
· UTS及其它私校面试指导和模拟训练。帮助学生信心十足通过面试,梦想成真!
Susan Zhang:I had a hard time remembering the vocabulary of SSAT before I came to Ms. Tong. She made vocabulary learning both fun and challenging. She taught me a very effective way of learning and remembering vocabulary that I didn't have to memorize new words mechanically. With her help, my vocabulary was increased by 1,500 within just two months' time. The reading strategies that Ms. Tong taught me was so helpful that my reading speed and skills were greatly improved. When I got my SSAT result of 99%, I felt very thankful for Ms. Tong's help.
Jonathan ZhengUnbelievable SSAT results that I never dreamed of.  98% achieved with the help of Ms. Tong in 7 months. I came to Canada for only two years when my parents pushed me to study SSAT. It was a huge challenge for me because I was still struggling with my schoolwork.  I've learned a lot from Ms. Tong: vocabulary-building strategy, key test taking techniques, time management, and so on. Most importantly, Ms. Tong not only helped me develop academic skills, she also put all her efforts into building my confidence and motivating me to excel.